My Story


My entrepreneur journey started about 2 years ago.

I was still a student-athlete then… made it to the national team and won my first medal but not without a chain of serious injuries (broken wrist, 2x shoulder surgery)


Men’s 77kg Weightlifting Nationals
Competed with a strained wrist and dislocated shoulder didn’t go down without a fight

Strangely enough, I gave up on what I had – what I achieved and succeeded at wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

It was all just a meaningless grind.

I was lost …

It wasn’t til serving my National Service, where I had little money and freedom, that I discovered what I truly wanted in life.

I wanted the freedom of time and control over my destiny.

Being exposed to the success stories of 16 – 17-year-olds building 7 figure e-com empires… It was only natural for me to gravitate towards that space.

I quickly got my FB account banned selling survival knives and weight loss products … but made some sales which means I have the skills to make money.

I later started a B2B lead generation agency for the M&A sector in the U.S.

Made some money from it but couldn’t scale, due to the poor offering and nature of the niche. But I learned a ton pitching to 7 – 9 figure investment bankers.

So far, I’m still nowhere near where I want to be financially, but I’m confident that my skills and experiences built through failures would bring me there.

Join me on my journey here. Follow me on twitter.

Follow me on twitter.

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